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Free Spirit GURL - Silver Box


Designed for the person in your life whose heart creates the rhythm by which they march, our Free Spirit GURL Box protects the mind, body, and spirit. Give the gift of personalized self-care with products that help set intentions.

  • Crystal Elixir Water Bottle - A large crystal, acrylic glass water bottle to charge your liquids with great vibrations, this is the perfect bottle to align your energy field from the inside out. Crystals are interchangeable, so this is a must-have. Dishwasher safe, but contains hand-wash components.
  • Abalone Shell - The shell of the abalone is exceptionally strong and is made of stacked microscopic calcium carbonate tiles. Ideal for a cleansing ritual, take deep breaths while burning sage to negate the unwanted energies from your mind and soul.
  • Floral Smudge Wand - Hand-picked and hand-made, this bouquet of dried herbs and flowers is bound with materials harvested from our vendor’s private land. It helps release negative vibrations, lift consciousness, and bring about new life. Exercise caution when using air-dried sage as it can be prickly.
  • Palo Santo Bundle - Palo Santo releases energy and cleanses your space. This dried and hand-wrapped bundle features a custom intentions disc charm, and its sticks are sustainably sourced from ethically traded and harvested farms.
  • Decorative Matches - These colorful, hand-made matches come in a container with a striker at the bottom, they’re perfect for lighting your candles. Colors may vary.
  • Flying Wish Paper - This mini kit comes with 15 wishes plus accessories and is used to send forth your desires in the universe to promote your deepest manifestation goals. Additional instructions for use included.

Note: No returns!

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